The Decarbonization

At Bharat Carbon, we believe that knowledge is the key to action. We educate and collaborate closely with stakeholders to guide your decarbonization journey. By simplifying the process and leveraging AI, we ensure that you not only understand but also actively participate in the transformation. Together, we create a positive impact that counts.

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Measure + Analyze

We employ advanced methodologies and data sources to precisely measure your carbon footprint.


Strategize + Comply

Our platform is designed to simplify complex compliance processes and empower strategic decision-making.


Track + Reduce

Our platform is your partner in tracking and optimizing your KPIs while enabling true net zero using solutions.

Our Core

Our platform revolves around the core principles of Measure, Analyze, Strategize, Comply, Track, and Reduce. We simplify this complex journey with the power of AI, making it accessible and actionable for businesses. We're your partner in achieving your sustainability goals.

What Makes Our Platform Unique?

AI Engine

AI Engine

We enable AI every step of the way, automating the process from data collection & reporting to your goal to net zero.

In-Depth Discovery

In-Depth Discovery

Our discovery process dives into every corner of the business to ensure all the data is accurate and as in depth as it can get.

Global Benchmarking

Global Benchmarking

We benchmark your business with similar green businesses globally to quantify how your business does based on a number of custom KPIs.

Carbon Account

Carbon Accounting

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your carbon footprint with our precise Carbon Accounting tool. It provides accurate insights into your emissions, guiding you towards effective reduction.


AI Strategy Builder

Our AI Strategy Builder is your companion in crafting sustainable strategies. It harnesses the power of AI to create custom roadmaps, optimizing your path to carbon neutrality.


Net Zero Tracking

Monitor your progress towards Net Zero with our Tracking tool. Stay on course, set and achieve milestones, and ensure compliance with evolving sustainability standards.


Carbon Marketplace

Explore our Carbon Marketplace, your gateway to verified, impactful carbon reduction solutions. Source sustainable products, transparent carbon credits, and operational cost-saving opportunities.

One Platform, Multiple Tools